Thursday, February 26, 2009

where have i been?

i've been busy playing, i guess!  i've been able to be outside a lot more than usual lately.  that has been awesome!  sunday it was snowy but mommy took me to the park anyway.  twice!  we went down the slides over and over and over.  i cried when she made me come in.

last night i spent the night at gram's.  that was fun!  i had to remind her to give me a bath and put me to bed.  

tonight keith came over.  i like him so much and i know that his name starts with k.  

music class tomorrow.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


had a busy valentine's day weekend.  we took grammy to lunch on saturday.  and i got a haircut.  gram says it makes me bad.  

sunday i stayed home with mommy and daddy and played.  i was so excited b/c they put a cd player in my room.  now i can listen to all my music whenever i want.  i love it!  i especially love listening to it when i got to sleep at night.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

play date

tonight mommy and i met sarah and dominic at barnes and noble.  we played with the big train set an looked and books and all the toys.  i had so much fun!  a bunch of other kids showed up too.  one girl from my swim class was there, but i forget her name.  then we met two little boys, tommy and andy and their mommy.  we all got along so well and did a pretty good job of sharing the trains.  

sarah and dom gave me a present.  bubbles!  when we got home mommy and daddy let me use the bubble wands in the bath tub.  i loved it so much!

after all that excitement i was totally ready for bed.  i can't wait to have a play date with dom again!

rowan, you're next

i am sending this message to anyone who will listen.  

when we got home last night mommy took jeffy fish out of the tank and threw him in the potty.  then she flushed!  FLUSHED!  she said something about sending him to be in the ocean with other fish.  what, does she think i was born yesterday?  i'm two!

now i'm really worried.  i'm afraid to leave rowan alone with her.  is she gonna try to flush him too?  

please someone.  help!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

two new friends!

today was a very nice day.  we went to church and i stayed in the nursery like a big boy.  

after church we went to walmart.  i asked mommy if we could look at fish and we did.  then she asked me if i'd like to get some!  yes!  i said.  yes!  a nice lady helped us pick out our fish.  i told the lady thank you so many times.  she said i was a nice little boy.

i named the fish nemo and jeffy.  they are very cute.

when we got home mommy and i put their tank together.  they are swimming in the kitchen right now.  i love my new pets!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

stellar performance!

we were very, very busy today.  first, we went to see how jack is doing.  he seemed sleepy and he had big bandaids on his chest!  grammy got him a wall-e book and he let me look at it and play with his sesame street buttons.

after that we went to pittsburgh.  i ate a quesadilla for lunch and i was very polite to the waitress. she thought i was cute!  

next stop was ikea.  i said hi to lots of people and had fun looking at the kitchen stuff.  mommy got me new spoons for my play kitchen and also a puppet and a big bin for my stuffed animals.  

when we got home (late!) i played trains for a long time.  after that i was very excited to go to bed.  mommy said i couldn't have been a better boy today.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

home with mama

mommy stayed home sick today and i stayed home to take care of her.  i did the best thing for her i could- i took a really long nap!

before that we made cookas.  octopus, airplanes and frogs.  fun!  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

bouncing all over

i've been so sick all day today.  YUCK.  

yesterday, though, was great.  we went to max's birthday party at the CTA.  i had so much fun!  i got to jump on trampolines and jump into a big foam pit.  there were so many kids.  we ran around like crazy! aj and i had a baby race.  then we just kind of clobbered each other.