Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas happened!

It finally came! We've had so much excitement these past few days I don't even remember last week!

thursday morning we got up and headed to the airport. FINALLY. i was so excited. i was a very good boy going through security and heading to the gate. we ate some lunch at the airport and i actually got to see santa claus. he gave me some candy. i hung out at the kidport before the flight.


when we got on the plane and in the air (take off was my favorite part!) mommy let me see her ipod. she put all kinds of shows on it which was great. she also let me play some ipod games.

we brought lots of snacks from home- cashews, dried cherries, cheese, chex mix, gum drops.... i ate the whole way to colorado!

grandma ruth and uncle aaron met us at the airport in denver.


the next morning was christmas morning and santa came! i got a new train set piece and a cool hat. and a hippo! grandma got me lots of stuffed animals. we went to church and i was actually a pretty good boy- for me.


in the evening jonah, sam, louise and uncle christian came. i was so excited i could hardly stand it.


yesterday and today i got to walk and play in the snow. this afternoon, sam, louise and i built a snow fort and made almost 50 snow balls! awesome!



it is so much fun here- i love it. and i love christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more christmas fun

we've been doing a lot of christmasy stuff around here lately. i've finally stopped asking if "today" is christmas. i've given up. they always say "no, not yet."

anyway, this weekend we went to a street festival that uncle bob and aunt shannon have. there was lots of food and music and a lady painted my face. i asked for a heart. it had sparkles on it. santa was also there! he gave me a popcorn ball. i really liked talking to him. aunt jan and uncle chuck were there too, so that was nice.




we also went to prickett's fort and i LOVED it. these people get to pretty much live outside, play with animals, play with FIRE and build stuff. how cool is that? i could have stayed there forever. i asked if we could live there but mom and dad said no.


mom and i have been doing lots of baking and decorating. i decorated sugar cookies tonight and mommy thinks they are beautiful. i just think they are tasty!



i have decided that i want a hippo for christmas. a pink hippo. i told mom and dad that and they said, "hey, there's a song about that." and there is! i guess lots of kids want hippos for christmas.

Monday, December 7, 2009

christmastime is here!

we had such a great weekend!

friday night we went to the christmas parade downtown. before the parade we met scott and the webers at black bear for supper. there were so many kids there- it was awesome! max and keith left early because max was actually IN the parade!

i walked up to high street with aj and we sat on the curb waiting for the parade to start. it was very very cold, but once they started throwing candy we were totally into it. i was also very excited to see fireman sam. he was way better than santa claus. my phrase of the night? "throw more candy here!"

saturday we woke up and guess what? it snowed! a lot! mommy and i played outside and made a snow man. we also made gingerbread cookies and worked on our gingerbread houses.

on sunday i had a party to go to at a place called blaney house. it was a great party. they gave each kid there a penguin puppet. i named mine "pank". he's great and i love making him talk. i got to do a project at the party and they also had a puppet show with another penguin and a star and a talking tree.

sunday evening we finished our gingerbread houses. mine looks great!