Wednesday, September 30, 2009

albert's birthday

this weekend mom, dad, gram and i went to friendship hill for albert's party. i was ready to stay home all day and play, but mom and dad said NO WAY. they wanted to get me out of the house.

we walked up the hill to the party i heard GUNSHOTS. they scared me to death. my adults did not seem to be alarmed. once we got to the top of the hill we saw all kinds of people dressed in funny clothes. some were making things, some were cooking, some were just talking. my favorite part was making candles. i made a nice green candle. i am very proud of it.

there were people playing music. i danced and danced and danced.

good food too. i really enjoyed this pickle.

best part? the monster house. how spooky is this place?

oh, and that reminds me. on friday and saturday we made our monster houses. mine is still at gram's but i'll be bringing it home soon when we decorate for fall. isn't it awesome? i had so much fun making it and decorated all by myself. mom was really proud.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i got wheels

friday night dad and mom took me shopping. i got a bike! it is an awesome spider-man bike. i also got a helmet and pads.

saturday morning we hit the park and i took some turns around the playground. i did pretty good! pedaling is harder than it looks. at one point i realized i could get to the other side in half the time if i just walked, so that's what i did.

in the evening grammy and uncle galen came over to watch football. i was very excited to have them here.

i also discovered a new movie that i love- harry potter. it is spooky and cool and i really like it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

no really, i love corn

last weekend i took my first trip to indiana to see my brothers. we woke up really early on friday morning and rode forever and ever. i watched a couple movies, took a nap, colored, whined- you know, normal two-year-old stuff.

we got to our hotel in kokomo and mommy took me swimming. it was awesome! i loved the hot tub. i did not enjoy dinner. long story, but let's say it ended with mommy eating alone at our table. after that, she and i went to the hotel and went to bed.

when i woke up, my brothers were there! we swam a little then headed to chicago. i saw hundreds of windmills, but none of them were working. and i saw CORN. lots and lots of corn and i loved it. we went to the field museum. i got to hang out with some pirates. my favorite part of that was getting ice cream afterword.

we got to our hotel and my brothers and i watched movies and ate pizza. i fell in love with "the parent trap". in the morning daddy and i went for a walk outside. a nice lady came up and said hi to me. daddy said she was a queen, but she wasn't wearing a crown. daddy said her name was lola. she was wearing a skirt, but sounded a little bit like daddy.

chicago seems like a really fun place.

after that we went to see uncle peter, aunt margaret, noah and hannah. their house was awesome- more toys than i've ever seen!

we headed to the lincoln park zoo next. i got to see a polar bear swimming, creatures, and i got to ride a train. before i knew it we were back to kokomo, swimming at our hotel.

monday morning we dropped my brothers off at their house. their little dog, ajax kissed me and wagged his tail at me. i love him.

it was a great trip and i can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

summer recap

where do i begin? so much has happened i hardly know where to start.

when my brothers and grandma ruth were still here we went to canaan valley and had a great time. we stayed in a cabin and had a playground, swimming pool, and golf course right by our place. we got to see a huge waterfall. on this trip i became obsessed with knowing the time. i'd ask just about every five minutes! another big moment- mommy and i flew a kite!

my brothers were here for a while after that, but eventually we had to take them back to indiana. i was very sad to see them go!!! i really wanted to go to their house with them.

right after they left carson came to stay with gram and that was great. we got to play together all the time and we also got to go swimming a lot. that was so much fun. one day mommy and daddy took us to pittsburgh. we went to the carnegie science museum.

best part? chasing geese!

after that we ate lunch at lidia's. then we walked around the strip district and a creepy lady made balloon animals for us. very cool.

our last adventure was a trip to coopers rock this sunday. we went to early church (where i was fairly naughty). after that we ate uncle donald's, changed clothes, and went on a hike. i walked about two miles! i think even daddy had fun.

leaving on friday to visit my brothers in indiana. i can't wait!