Saturday, June 27, 2009

big boy bed!

today mommy and i cleaned my roomed and rearranged everything. she set up my big boy bed and moved the new train table into my room.

i feel so proud! it's really exciting and i love being able to just hop in and out of bed instead of nearly breaking my neck every time i want to get out.

still watching the garden grow. lots of pea pods on our plants and some of our corn is already knee high! i can't wait to eat more of our own veggies.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

home again

we had a fun time in colorado! i loved going to elitch's and the reservoir. sam built a great big sand castle. grandma ruth, mommy and i found as many rocks as we could to decorate it.

one evening aunt jean came over with my cousins, douglas and jessica. i really liked playing with them. mostly i just chased them around.

we also got to see alpacas! they were so cute! i even got to meet one named ben.

i was a very good boy on the flight home. i watched two movies and had lots of snacks. driving home from pittsburgh we stopped and mommy got me a train table for all my thomas stuff. it is awesome!

my garden is doing great. ro loves to eat the carrot tops and i love to eat the carrots, lettuce and arugula. there are so many tomatoes on our plants and today we even found some of our patty pan squash are almost ready. yum!

i keep saying to mommy "it's just you and me" cause that's all it is right now. it's rough keeping her in line all by myself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


after an exciting week of parties and playing with my brothers, mommy and i got on an airplane and went to colorado to see grandma ruth. it was so exciting!

i was a very good boy and a good helper going through security. we had to take apart my car seat/stroller, take off our shoes, and take other things out of our back packs. i helped mommy carry big grey buckets of our stuff and was really patient and brave.

once we got through that we rode on a train, then an elevator. i got to have mcdonald's and then we played in the kids area. sadly, i fell asleep before we got on the plane and i missed taking off into the air.

once i woke up we were way up in the sky. i got to watch napoleon and have some snacks.

finally we were at grandma's! she has great toys for me to play with and a thomas bed for me to sleep in! i love it here!

Monday, June 8, 2009

me and my brothers

i have been having a great time with my brothers here!

we get to play outside with the slippy slide a lot, and my kiddie pool.

friday we went for a long drive to pittsburgh.  to get there we had to go through a great big tunnel which was AWESOME!  then we went straight onto a bridge.  after the bridge we parked and i got to meet clifford the big red dog.  that was great.  but he was with this crazy lady dressed in red who kept touching me and talking to me.  all i wanted was to talk to clifford.  but anyway.

after that we went to the river and i saw boats and barges and trains and trams and airplanes! mommy said she thought my head would explode.  after that mommy let us take off our shoes and kick our feet in the fountain.  so much fun!

yesterday we got to have dinner with max and aj.  i loved seeing my friends.  aj and i were good little boys and ate our supper in peace while the big boys played downstairs.  it was so late when we got home that i had to eat my oatmeal while i got my bath!  

less than a week til mommy and i fly to colorado.  i'm so excited to fly in a plane!