Saturday, May 30, 2009

two things

thing one:

my garden is doing great!  last night i got to pick and eat my first salad from my very own garden! it was delicious!  everything in it is growing so well, especially my peas.  mommy tasted a bit of arugula tonight and she said it tasted nice and peppery.

thing two:

we took rowie for a walk today.  on a LEASH!  i laughed and laughed and laughed.  first, he looked really funny in his little shirt.  second, it was too funny to see him hop around like that in the yard.  he really like hiding in the honeysuckle vine.  he also stretched out and relaxed in my garden.  daddy thought we were nuts to let him in the garden because most people try to keep rabbits OUT of their gardens.  mommy and i said ro was peter rabbit and i was farmer mcgregor.  i can't wait to take ro out again.  he was beat when we put him back in his cage.  he flipped onto his back and slept with his paws in the air like a dog.  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

fun times with friends

on sunday, andi, max and aj took mommy and i to a zoo and we had such a good time! the only downside was that i got bit by a pig. at first i was mad at the big but then i admitted it was an accident so i wasn't mad at him anymore. aj and i sang songs almost all the way home.

mommy tried to make me take a nap, but no way jose. then john cole came and took us for a car ride. i did sleep a little in the car, but mostly i just looked at the window at all the farms.

on monday, max and aj came over and we played all morning. we went down the slippy slide a hundred times and splashed in the pool. we all ate lunch together on my little picnic table and then we played some more. i cried and cried when it was time for them to go. i was so tired that night that i actually ASKED to go to bed at 7:00! mommy couldn't believe it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

i think it's summertime

today gram and i stayed at my house and played.  that was a real treat.  

when mommy got home from work she set up my swimming pool and i got to play in it right up til bath and bed time.  i had so much fun and i'm so glad summer is here!  mommy and i put our lawn chairs by the pool and dipped our toes in.  she said it was too cold for her, but it was not too cold for me at all.

i ate a good supper.  playing outside all day makes a boy hungry!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


my trip to see thomas was great!

my favorite three things about the trip: riding thomas, meeting sir topham hat, and swimming! i have been talking about these three things since we go home. you can see a video of me riding on thomas here.
the first time i saw thomas on the track i squealed and laughed and got so excited. i just couldn't believe it was him! there was plenty to do in sodor while we were waiting to ride. i watched some thomas videos and spent a long time looking at the model trains going around.

when i met sir topham hat i just stared at him and smiled and held his hand. he is a really big guy!

after all the fun on sodor we went back to our hotel and mommy took me swimming. i was a daredevil, putting my head under water, jumping off the steps, and riding in my boat by myself.

at bedtime i had another surprise. i didn't have a crib! i had a sleeping bag. i stayed in it all night (on mommy's bed) like a big boy.

more swimming in the morning. then we hit the rode. sort of a long trip home. when we got home i was going on and on to daddy about the wonderful things i saw. i can't wait to do it again and i can't wait for more swimming!

Friday, May 15, 2009


tonight mommy, daddy and i went to watch tammy and brian play softball.  i was excited all day waiting for the game.  sam sam was there and we gave each other kisses.  toby was there with dave.  i gave toby lots and lots of hugs.  he is my friend and i said so to everyone who walked by. 

jason saved me from being killed by a fly ball.  mommy and daddy were fairly useless in that regard.   

i got my knees scraped up pretty good.  don't know how, but mom and tam said it made me look tough!  

the big news, however, is that tomorrow.... tomorrow i get to see THOMAS!!!!!  not only do i get to see him but i get to RIDE him.  i was extra good all day and even went straight to bed without my usual "i have to go potty" tricks.  THOMAS!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

enjoying spring

we've had a lot of rain lately but i've still enjoyed plenty of time playing outside.  i've been a good boy so far this week and mommy and gram keep saying so.

i've been playing a lot with my trains inside and watching napoleon over and over again.  i love that movie!  mommy likes to call my birdo.  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

my garden

it didn't rain today so i was able to go work in my garden when we got home.  everything is up!  i can see beans and corn and peas and beets and radishes and lettuce and carrots.  it's so exciting!

i am taking more showers now than baths.  AND i get to sleep in my big boy pants now.  i'm so proud.

here are a couple pictures of my garden!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what's new

first thing- daddy found these awesome new videos on youtube called mio and mao.  i love them!  especially the one where they play with the train.

second thing- i finally got a haircut today.  daddy says i should get my money back because it's still too long.  

third thing- mommy and i went out in the rainy evening to look at our garden.  spinach, radish, lettuce and carrots are all growing great.  beets are popping up, peas are sprouting and we even saw the tips of some corn.  i'm so excited!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

yard work

we worked hard again in the yard tonight.  we tended to the spinach and thinned it out.  i was really careful watering my berry patch.  i can't wait to eat my own strawberries!  i helped weed the front flower bed.  i found lots of worms and really teeny tiny little snails.  i loved this.

the big excitement was making a tepee with mom by my playhouse.  we used sticks and wire to make it, then we planted morning glories all around.  mommy is nervous that our flowers won't grow, but i'm pretty sure they will.