Friday, January 30, 2009

bad cough

i've had a really bad cough for two days now.  yesterday mommy stayed home from work to be with me.  today i felt a little better, but i'm still sniffly and coughing.

i got to talk to grandma ruth and uncle christian on the phone tonight.  i really liked that.  

tomorrow is max's birthday party.  i can't wait!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

busy weekend

i think we have been going non-stop!  

friday my music class started again.  i was so happy to see janna.  we learned a new song called "the crabby bear".  

friday night izzy, sam and tammy stayed with us at gram's.  i loved playing with sam, but mommy and tammy say i need to be less rough with her.

saturday we went to makaleigh's birthday party.  i played basketball with max, aj and the other kids.  it was a really good time!  then we went to aunt jan and uncle chuck's to celebrate gram's birthday. i played with kasey and all the animals.

yesterday mommy and i stayed home all day.  we baked bread, granola and cookies.  i had so much fun using the misker!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i wanna go FAST!

mommy and i did the greatest thing ever tonight.  we went to what she calls an arcade.  and i got to drive a car!  it was AWESOME.  we went so fast.  i ran over a bunch of stuff.  i steered with the wheel.  i shifted gears.  it was all i thought it could be and more.  

we also got to see dominic, sarah and ryan at the mall.  i loved seeing dom.  we watched trains and gave each other smooches goodbye.  

i also got new swim trunks with the gift card uncle galen got me.  i can't wait til summer so i can go swim in the river!

Monday, January 19, 2009


mommy and i had another fun day at home.  in the snow!  we played outside for hours.  mommy pushed me up and down the street in my car.  and then we made snowmen.  actually, mommy and i made one, then, when daddy came home we made two more.

i was worn out!  i took a really long nap and ate a huge dinner.  mommy said playing out in the cold builds your appetite.  

i secretly hope that my snowmen come to life tonight like the one did in the movie!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'm two!!!!

i had the BEST birthday!  

i woke up and watched some of finding nemo with mommy, then i had blueberry cakes and chocolate milk.  YUM. 

then i got to open presents from grandma ruth!  she really spoiled me.  i got so many books and videos and i love them all.  i got a new blankie, a plate and cup set and new sunglasses.  my favorite thing, though, is the stuffed white tiger she got me.  i call him spot! 

after that daddy and i went to a bunch of stores and i got this thomas balloon that sings songs.  

in the afternoon my grammie, aunt shannon, izzy, jack, uncle galen, aunt jan, uncle chuck, kasey, tammy and brian came over and we had my birthday party.  mommy made a cake that looks like a train.  she decorated it with different candies and i got to eat some.  the skittles were good, but weird.  mommy said they were sour and they made me drool.

i got to watch nice videos of jonah and sam singing happy birthday to me.  that was really fun!

i got more presents!  mommy and daddy got me a cash register, blocks, a computer game and harold the helicopter.  grammie got me a computer.  tammy and brian got me a great magnadoodle!  aunt jan and uncle chuck got me puzzles.  uncle galen got me books and aunt shannon got me a noahs ark block set that is really cool.  i know i'm leaving lots of stuff out!

i was so tired after the party that i almost lost my voice.  i even asked to go to bed early!

i can't believe i'm a two year old!

Friday, January 16, 2009

goodbye one year old

my last night as a one year old!

pretty much i'm excited, but i'm very nervous about giving up my pacies.  and using the potty.  lots of changes coming my way!

too cold to play outside lately, which make me sad.  but at least i have my trains and blocks and kitchen.

izzy and jack were home from school today.  it was nice to have them to play with.  

birthday party tomorrow.  i think mommy is more excited than i am!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i play all the time

i've been having such a good time playing lately.  mostly with trains and blocks.

today i went to barnes and noble with mommy and played with their huge thomas the train set there.  it was so much fun.  i didn't want to leave!

mommy and i have also been having fun taking pictures with her computer.  we like to make silly faces.  sometimes she tricks me and gets a picture of me smiling. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

eye doctor

today i had to go to the eye specialist.  the good news is that my eyes are fine!  no more eye drops for now!  

it seems like we were at the doctor's office forever.  i got to play with some neat toys and watch finding nemo.  but the rest of it was really rough.  i had to have eye drops once and then later i had eye drops that made my eyes YELLOW!!!!  

the whole thing wore me out.  mommy and daddy took me home and i ate a good supper.  then i got to watch teletubbies.  i think i was getting special treatment because of my rough day.  

Monday, January 5, 2009

still sick

still trying to get over being sick.  i had to go to the doctor on sunday because my fever was high and i had another eye infection.  the doctor said, "ben, what do you think you need for your eyes" and i said "eye drops" and she said, "i think so too!"  

i took it easy most of the day sunday. i snuggled and napped with mommy.  

today i went to grammie's as usual.  i still felt pretty icky.  we did go over the planets again today.  mommy and grammie think the way i say "venus" is funny.

this evening i watched the snowman movie with daddy and we colored at my table.  i love to color!  daddy draws really good shapes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

bye bye brothers

jonah and sam left this morning.  i miss them so much.  i will try to be better when i talk to them on the phone now.

i spent the day at grammie's.  when i came home all our christmas stuff was GONE!  i did get a new snowman nightlight, though.  that made me happy.

not much else going on.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

last night mommy, daddy, jonah and sam came to pick me up at grammie's.  but instead of taking me home we all stayed the night!  we ate pizza and cheese popcorn.  izzy and mommy slept in my room with me.

we woke up this morning and had a big new year's breakfast.  we came home for a little bit and then went BACK to grammie's to eat some more.  i took a big nap and woke up in a much better mood than before. we came home again and i talked to grandma ruth on the phone.  i sang away in the manger for her.  i hope she liked it.  

i heard today that my cousin kurt shot a bear.  i hope it's not one of the bears from my videos!  i'd better keep my eye on rowan...