Sunday, July 26, 2009


two big birthday parties this week.

on wednesday we went to aj's party at the rec center. it was a swim party! daddy took me to the pool first. then, when it was time to eat, mommy came too. it was great to see all my friends and to get to play in the big pool for so long.

today we went to cooper's rock to celebrate jackie boy's birthday. i had a blast! haven, landon and leland were there to play with me. we played ball, hiked, and wrote on rocks with chalk.

the big kids when for a long hike. i got to swing while we waited for them to come back.

best part? jonah and sam are here.

grandma ruth comes tomorrow. i can't wait.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

lame parents

so, we went to best buy today after lunch. we were there FOREVER and i was a really good boy. after mom and dad got what they came for we started browsing the dvds. the only thing i asked for all day was the special edition saw trilogy with the commemorative mask and everything. but NOOOOO they wouldn't get it for me. said it was too scary.

as a compromise, they let me watch monster house when we got home. they said it was scary. uh, whatever. every time it started to get good they'd ruin it by asking "is it too scary? are you ok?" come ON, people. maybe it's scary to a one-year-old, but not to me.

can't sleep clowns might eat me

mommy, daddy and i went to kids day downtown yesterday. for the most part it was a lot of fun. i got to see model trains, eat a sno cone, get some balloons and make a cookie.

but this.... i just don't know if i can get over this....

what kind of clown is this? a convict clown? i'm gonna have nightmares for a while.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

more summer travels

i've been wanting to post here but mommy keeps telling me we're too busy. that woman... what is she good for?

last weekend we went to coatesville to see remy and carson. we had such a good time! friday night we swam. i got to wear a special vest that helped me float. remy took me off the diving board! saturday morning we were back in the pool bright and early. i learned how to put my head under water and i even swam by myself from one end of the pool to the other.

on sunday we headed to the barn. remy and carson let me ride their ponies, with aunt marilyn's help. i was very serious about the whole thing. it wasn't scary really, but i didn't like the way the horses kept looking at me.

after lunch we made our way home. on monday, natalie came over to play with me. we played in my pool, ran under the sprinklers, read books in my house, ate lunch, and watched a movie. she was an awesome playmate! i got a little carried away at times, so i hope she still likes me. she taught me about making happy plates and now i try to have a happy plate every night.

monday night daddy came home. yay!!!! he plays with me and gives me my bath with yucky ducky. i missed him so much.

i love this summer!