Wednesday, May 19, 2010


mom and dad took me to the zoo on saturday and it was great! not only did i get to see lots of animals, i got to see max and aj as well.

i think the most exciting thing was when a baby orangutan drop down out of his tree and waved "hi" to me. i was also very excited by the sand sharks and all of the cool looking fish in the aquariums.


another awesome moment was this:


the crazy elephant kept trying to snuggle up to my dad!

mom and i climbed up this rope wall. it was pretty tough. i was proud of us for making it to the top. that's me in the sweet red shorts.


i've been drawing a lot lately and building houses and things out of cardboard. it's been so rainy, i've had to get creative!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

where have they been keeping me?

outside! seems like i've been outside almost every day now. the weather is nice so i've been spending time playing in my sandbox at gram's and working in my garden at home. i love it!


last weekend mom, gram, jake and i went on a trip to a little house in the country. i got to play in the shenandoah river. i found lots of great shells and rocks. i explored the cabin and our yard. my favorite part was visiting this cave. i kept telling the guy how cool and awesome everything was. i LOVED it and can't wait to go back.


we built a campfire and roasted marshmallows one night. i did a really good job!


we also hiked on the appalachian trail. i especially liked crossing the potomac on a big railroad bridge. i kept crouching down to look at the river through the cracks. mom was going nuts!



i can't wait to go on another adventure.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

brothers! and other stuff!

my brothers and grandma ruth were here for a while. awesome! we played and ate and went to museums and played some more. one day we even got to go to uncle galen's to have lunch. i loved having them all here.



jonah and sam also tried really hard to help me learn how to throw and catch a football. they said it was a challenge.


the day after my brothers left i had maverick's birthday party at chick fil a. lots of fun and all my friends were there. after that mommy and i went shopping, then came home and watched mountaineer basketball. so exciting! i shouted and cheered the whole time.

on sunday i got to do something really great. after church mommy and daddy took me to see the dragon movie. i was really well-behaved and loved watching the dragons fly and eat fish.

now i'm just getting ready for the easter bunny. i have a feeling he's going to bring me toys and candy!

also, look at this picture of me and ro!


Friday, March 12, 2010

they came back!

mom and dad finally came back from their trip with the polar bears. i'm so happy to see them and so glad to be home.

staying at gram's was great, though, and uncle jeff took me out a bunch and even took me for ice cream!

getting ready for grandma ruth and my brothers to come next week. can't wait.

had fun playing dress up tonight and scary mommy. cool, huh?


Thursday, February 25, 2010


my slacker parents have been keeping me captive. no internet access for me, oh no. and all because i took one measly ballpoint to mom's laptop. sheesh.

in case you were worried, i have NOT been captured by robots.

not too much new around here. i've been playing in the snow as much as i can but i'm ready for spring. i want to take a blanket outside and have a picnic. i want to put up my tent and play with my toys under the sun. i want to ride my bike!

i have become a very efficient sled rider, though!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

messages from ben

you may notice that i've not been around. i've taken it upon myself to communicate with you. with my dad's help, of course. please follow these links for important video messages.

thank you for your time and consideration.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy birthday to me!!!

i'm three! i'm big! how cool!

i had a great birthday weekend. on sunday, my actual birthday, mom and dad really spoiled me. i got uncle donald's for breakfast and then i opened my presents from mom and dad. they got me lots of stuff but i liked my fireman sam fire truck and my playdoh the best. so much fun! then they let me pick where to go for lunch. i picked damon's. i love that place. we watched the vikings and the cowboys and mommy and i rooted for the vikings.


after that we went shopping then back home to play with my toys.


on monday we had my pirate party. it was great! i dressed up and played with my cousins. i got lots more nice gifts. i especially liked the "don't break the ice" game aunt jan and uncle chuck got me.


by the time the part was over i was totally beat. i told mommy pirate time was over.

now life is kind of back to normal. our wood is in and we're back at home. i like it that way. and i love being a big boy now!