Monday, December 29, 2008

happy hanukkah

tonight we went to max and aj's house for dinner.  i really like playing with aj.  sometimes we get a little pushy with each other but that's just because we're boys!  i tried to catch the kitty a couple times but he was too quick for me.

after supper (which i did not eat- ha ha!) max told me about hanukkah.  he said a very nice blessing, then he and his daddy lit the menorah.  it was so pretty.  max told us about the tallest candle, the shamash.  i got a little confused, though, and started singing happy birthday.  

i stayed up really late at home and when i did go to bed i got sick!  mommy had to come in and brush my teeth and change my sheets.  i feel fine though.  

Sunday, December 28, 2008

outside again!

today was another fun-filled day.  in the morning mommy, jonah and i went to best buy, target, petco and kroger.  i got to see a chinchilla at petco.  i thought he was really cute and interesting. at kroger i rode in the car cart and ate lots of cheese.  i love that store!

after lunch, mommy, sam and i went for a nice long walk.  sam pushed me in my new car!  it was awesome!  we saw lots of doggies and trees and water and leaves.  my kind of day.  

aunt shannon, izzy and sarah came over for dinner.  i had a lot of whipped cream with dessert.  

before bedtime we had to search high and low for my white mouse train car.  mommy was upset that my new toy was lost and had everyone looking.  then i remembered- i hid it under the cabinet in the kitchen!  after i found it everyone was relieved.  mommy doesn't like me to hide things but i do it anyway!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

friends over

so much fun today!  not only are jonah and sam here, but max and aj came over as well.  they were here all day!  we stayed outside the whole time and played in the sunshine.  cars and farm and lots and lots of football.  i wish they could all be here all the time.  

after max and aj left i relaxed with mommy on the couch and we watched the snowman video. jonah thinks i'm spoiled and sam thinks i'm a mama's boy, but they both agree that i'm really cute!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day

this day was better than i even hoped it could be!  i knew they said i'd get presents, but i never thought it would be this many presents!

i woke up before seven and daddy and i watched sesame street and then the snowman movie that grandma ruth sent me.  it is my new favorite.  i like it better than the hungry wolf, even.  it wasn't until halfway through the snowman that i saw it.  my new car!  i don't know how i missed it!  i jumped in and drove it down the hallway to mommy's room.  we got her up and then the real fun started.

i got a new thomas and a mountain of track!  and grandma ruth sent me a really cool truck and tractor.  i love to put stuff in my truck.  she also sent me a leap frog game that lets me draw on it. i love it so much.

i played all morning with my new stuff, then we went to grammie's.  i got more stuff there!  a new thomas pillow and blankie was my favorite.  my cousins got me a really cool train that comes with a big cat.  i'll have to have mommy take pictures of it.  

i took a nice nap at grammie's after dinner.  mommy said she took a nap too.  i played a lot with my leap frog when we got home.  it's really neat! 

merry christmas everybody!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas!

merry christmas everybody!

mommy and i were very busy baking today.  ALL DAY.  i tried to get her to take a break and play, but she wouldn't.  she did make a movie of me, though.  

we went to church tonight.  i really like all the candles.  

i can't wait to open presents tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas visits

went around the neighborhood today taking christmas goodies to luellen, pat, and my very favorite frances.  i love her so much!  she gave me my own stocking and toy.  i gave her a big hug and kiss.  

played at home with mommy and rowan this evening.  got to watch the hungry wolf and my abby video while i ate my night-night porridge.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


we had another busy day today.  as soon as we woke up we went to church.  i made it almost halfway through before daddy had to take me out.  after that we went to walmart and target to get some christmas presents.  i got to look at lamps and christmas trees.

i took a really long nap.  mommy took pictures of me while i was sleeping.  she thinks this is funny.  i do not.

when i woke up we went to aunt jan and uncle chuck's.  what fun!  i got to see abby and muffy.  kurt, kyle and kasey were there and they played with me the whole time. the best part of my day was feeding abby apples.  mommy made a video of it.  

Saturday, December 20, 2008

busy day

daddy and i went christmas shopping this morning.  we ate lunch out.  i got chicken nuggets and CHOCOLATE MILLLLLK!!!!!  awesome!!!

when i got home diane was here.  she played with me and read to me.  it was a lot of fun.  

mommy and i took naps.  long naps.  three hours!

after my nap we webcammed with grandma ruth.  i was very excited to see her!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

playing in my kitchen

when we got home tonight mommy and i headed straight for my kitchen.  i cooked her mac and cheese and i even made some coffee for rowan.  after that we built a really cool school bus out of my blocks.  i really took my time when i worked on that.

mommy also took funny pictures of us using her computer.  i love it when she does that!

daddy came home and he started playing with me too.  we built stuff and we also drew on our magnadoodles.  

mommy let me watch the hungry wolf while i ate my night-night snack.  

Monday, December 15, 2008


john cole came over tonight.  i even got to ride HOME with him.  i was psyched.  he helped me with my train and thought it was funny when i put my antler headband on.  i was so excited to see him.

i watched my new favorite video while i ate my porridge.  

Saturday, December 13, 2008


i woke up this morning and remy, carson and izzy were there.  uncle jeff and aunt marilyn, too.  gram made us a big breakfast.  mommy and daddy came and we all headed to the big street fair.  i ate so much food and listened to lots of good music.  i was a very good boy!  

we came home and carson and i played in my kitchen.  i showed off rowan and my toys.  we ate more food and played around.  it was such a fun day and so good to see my cousins!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

been busy!

all of these holiday errands to run, i've been too busy to write anything!  ah, just kidding. mommy made me say that.

i have really been enjoying all of our decorations though.  and luellen put up so many lights in her yard.  i love looking at them.  i think they are beautiful and i say so.

tonight i was a little bit wild before bedtime.  before my crazies kicked in mommy and i played trains.  then daddy and i did puzzles and read books.  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

home all day

mommy, daddy and i stayed home all day.  we played puzzles and drew lots of pictured.  i made some really cool buildings and towers with my blocks.  i ate a lot, too.  waffles for breakfast, chicken nuggets for lunch and taquitos for dinner.  yum.

mommy liked taking pictures of me with my antlers on.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

christmas in my room

mommy has my room all decorated for christmas.  i love it!  i have a little christmas tree all my own with all of my baby ornaments on it.  mommy even put her "first christmas" ornament on it.  i also have a very special christmas night light.

i ran a lot of errands with mommy and daddy this morning.  this afternoon i didn't feel like taking my nap.  they made me take one anyone, but i was still cranky when i woke up!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

more decorating

when we got home tonight mommy and i put the new train around the tree.  what fun!  i think i could have done a better job, though.  it took her forever to put the track together.

we also put a little tree in my room.  i love it!  the lights are so pretty.  

you can see from these pictures how much help i was to mommy putting up the tree last night.  i got a little tired there at the end.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

getting ready

tonight mommy, daddy and i started decorating the house for christmas.  what fun!  i helped put the tree together.  daddy took lots of pictures, but mommy was too tired to put them on the computer.  tomorrow maybe!

i got to stay up late, then, before bed, i ate my porridge and watched the three bears on youtube.  i'm still not quite sure what christmas is, but i think i'm going to like it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

walking outside

today gram and i took a nice walk outside and i got to pick up some baby pinecones.  i love to collect them.  i hold on to them real tight!

i can sing the whole alphabet song now.  i like to sing it when i work my abc puzzle.  

i was a very good boy today.  i played nice and helped clean up my toys.  

Monday, December 1, 2008

new favorite video

i love the story of golidlocks and the three bears.  last week mommy found a really cute video of it on youtube and i've watched it almost every day since.

things are a lot quieter without my brothers here.  i've had to made extra noise so mommy and daddy don't feel too bad about it!