Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy birthday to me!!!

i'm three! i'm big! how cool!

i had a great birthday weekend. on sunday, my actual birthday, mom and dad really spoiled me. i got uncle donald's for breakfast and then i opened my presents from mom and dad. they got me lots of stuff but i liked my fireman sam fire truck and my playdoh the best. so much fun! then they let me pick where to go for lunch. i picked damon's. i love that place. we watched the vikings and the cowboys and mommy and i rooted for the vikings.


after that we went shopping then back home to play with my toys.


on monday we had my pirate party. it was great! i dressed up and played with my cousins. i got lots more nice gifts. i especially liked the "don't break the ice" game aunt jan and uncle chuck got me.


by the time the part was over i was totally beat. i told mommy pirate time was over.

now life is kind of back to normal. our wood is in and we're back at home. i like it that way. and i love being a big boy now!

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