Tuesday, March 30, 2010

brothers! and other stuff!

my brothers and grandma ruth were here for a while. awesome! we played and ate and went to museums and played some more. one day we even got to go to uncle galen's to have lunch. i loved having them all here.



jonah and sam also tried really hard to help me learn how to throw and catch a football. they said it was a challenge.


the day after my brothers left i had maverick's birthday party at chick fil a. lots of fun and all my friends were there. after that mommy and i went shopping, then came home and watched mountaineer basketball. so exciting! i shouted and cheered the whole time.

on sunday i got to do something really great. after church mommy and daddy took me to see the dragon movie. i was really well-behaved and loved watching the dragons fly and eat fish.

now i'm just getting ready for the easter bunny. i have a feeling he's going to bring me toys and candy!

also, look at this picture of me and ro!


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